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Our Creed

The World Harrier Organization is dedicated to harriers around the world who practice the true sport of hounds and hares, where:

⋄ A well laid trail is at least as important as any social activity.

⋄ Most members usually practice chasing a hare or hares (runner or runners) laying a live trail as the sport was originally intended.

⋄ Members are friendly to all and remember that it is all about fun!

⋄ Harrier Groups:

   1. Do not judge others by anything more than their sense of humor.

   2. Do make older members feel like they are young again.

   3. Do not seriously humiliate nor demand the drinking of alcohol, which traditionally is simply a refreshment or toasting beverage provided by many groups, not the purpose of the sport itself.

   4. Do accept and welcome members from other harrier groups and honor harrier names awarded them in the past.

   5. Do not intentionally permit acts that reflect badly on the World Harrier Organization or violate this creed.

Boring Details

World Harrier Organization trademark and this website content copyright 1993 - 2015 by the World Harrier Organization, a not for profit association managed by Larry McDowell dba Global Publications and Software, formerly Global Trash, a not for profit publishing company. Content, to include the World Harrier Organization logo with trademark, may be used in part, but not the whole, by member clubs of the World Harrier Organization listed in our directory for informational or entertainment purposes in their newsletters or flyers. It may not be copied in whole or part, screenshots or any other fashion, to any media, including websites, printed materials, blogs, forums, etc., without the express and written permission of Larry McDowell by any other party other than registered World Harrier Organization groups for their internal use only. See the Contact Us page to request an address to make a formal request for use and any costs external to World Harrier Organization member groups.
Welcome to the World Harrier Organization
The following is a brief explanation as to who we are for everyone. If you are an experienced harrier or participant in hounds and hares or Hash House Harriers, we provide some background as to our roots and direction that you will probably understand following that. Please be patient as features on this website are developed. It is early in its construction. More info on timelines below.

Who are we?
The World Harrier* Organization is a loose association of friendly groups or clubs who practice the sport of hounds and hares. In this sport, there are hare(s) (a runner or runners) who lay a trail (usually cross-country) with various trail marking materials (like the toilet paper used in the Orlando picture below). The hares are then are followed a few minutes after leaving by the pack of hounds (other runners) whose eventual goal is to catch a hare before the trail is completed. It is quite fun, with the side effect that you may accidentally get into shape doing the sport. Some participants may run fast, others just jog and some groups permit walkers to negotiate the trail. They are loosely kept together in ability packs through the use of false trails and ingenious trail design (hopefully). Most all groups finish their runs with some social activity, refreshment and snacks or food. But for a better description how we view our sport, read the W.H.O. slogan on the right.

How to Join?
Starting early in July, we will offer a means to join our membership on the Membership page, as well as a means for existing hounds and hares groups to join us on the Harrier Groups page. If you are new to the sport and do not know of one near you, we will offer information in the WHO Manual by the end of July that will explain everything you need to know to start your own hounds and hares group and register it with the World Harrier Organization. Please be patient, this is a major programming effort and we want to do it right the first time, not just do a quick conversion from our previous sites.

Our Direction
If you are an experienced harrier, this is a more universal treatment of the sport than is usually expressed in other associations of hounds and hares, like the Hash House Harriers (HHH). We encourage all types of groups in our association as long as they are generally comfortable with our creed (read it in the left column). We do not, like the HHH, require any social liturgy (i.e. the Down Down) nor do we frown on hounds and hares groups who have a competitive nature. Traditionally, the sport was a competitive one. We accept friendly Hash House Harrier groups that have no problem with our creed (most groups I have seen) and most of those hounds and hares groups who would not fit into the HHH model.

Our Roots
The roots of the World Harrier Organization began from the first Global Trash Hash. This effort was born from Global Trash publishing efforts that began as a magazine in 1993, reference books later on that year listing groups, then a global annual event in 1995 (Global Trash Hash) that attracted international participation. That same year, we supported a website and on-line directory where hounds and hares groups registered themselves with us. In later years we assumed publication of the InterHASHional News and began offering more and more website and social media features to members and groups registered with us. After a few name changes, we finally become the World Harrier Organization. Therefore, through a continuous ancestry, we claim a founded date of 1995 as an internationally accepted gathering of hounds and hares members and groups who registered on our site, with some participating in an annual event.

Our Website
The publisher’s previous efforts covering the HHH and cross country running will be forwarded here (gthhh.com, worldhhh.com, worldhhh.org, InterHASHionalNews.com, XRunning.com, et. al.) Those efforts emphasized the Hash House Harriers or only cross country running, leaving out a large number of hounds and hares groups who practice the sport in a more traditional manner. The World Harrier Organization is a more inclusive organization and this website will reflect a wider view of the sport. Like the old gthhh.com and later worldhhh.com, we will provide a reference for hounds and hares (once called the Hash Bible), that will now be rewritten to become the World Harrier Organization Manual. There will be email lists and forums created to create a social media side of our website for our members. As from the early days of Global Trash, we will include a directory of members and groups belonging to the World Harrier Organization. However, we will not begin with the old directory, but will start from scratch. There will be a calendar of W.H.O. and member group special events. In the months to come, we will provide free websites, harelines, photo albums and email services to member groups and much more, as we did in the past.

So come on back and we will give you a great site where harriers all around the world can find information, list their groups, exchange ideas and more or less find a more friendly media and wider viewpoint for the sport of hounds and hares.

Cheers and On On!
Stray Dog
and oh yeah, Grand Master of W.H.O.

* Note for the P.C. types: We use the term “Harrier” as a gender neutral term to mean both men and women who participate in the sport. In the original hunting sport, both male and female dogs that chase the hare are simply called harriers. There is no 'harriette' dog, a term that crept in to originally separate the men from women who practice the sport. Early in the sport the groups were segregated, but now most groups are mixed gender and the term 'Harriette' and its sexist bias is no longer needed. But to be fair, local tradition always prevails and male or female segregated groups are welcome in the World Harrier Organization to honor an older tradition.

"The World Harrier Organization is a state of mind - a friendship of kindred spirits joined together for a bit of hounds and hares sport, reliving their childhood or happier days, releasing the tensions of everyday life, and generally acting a fool amongst others who will not judge you or measure you by anything more than your sense of humor."
Stray Dog
(from the World Harrier Organization Manual)