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Our Creed

The World Harrier Organization is dedicated to harriers and harrier groups around the world who usually practice the traditional sport of hare and hounds, where:

⋄ A well laid trail is at least as important as any social activity.

⋄ The traditional practice is the hounds (runners) chasing a hare or hares (runner or runners) laying a live trail, though a few groups may at times pre-lay trail taking the sport out of it, but making up for it with social activity along the trail.

⋄ Members are friendly to all and remember that it is all about fun!

⋄ Members do not judge others by anything more than their sense of humor.

⋄ Members make older members feel like they are young again.

⋄ Members do not seriously humiliate nor demand the drinking of alcohol, which traditionally is simply a refreshment, not the purpose of the sport itself.

⋄ Member groups accept and welcome members from other harrier groups and honor harrier names awarded them in the past.

⋄ Member groups do not intentionally permit acts that reflect badly on the World Harrier Organization or violate this creed.

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"The World Harrier Organization is a state of mind - a friendship of kindred spirits joined together for a bit of hounds and hares sport, reliving their childhood or youth, releasing the tensions of everyday life, and generally acting a fool amongst others who will not judge you or measure you by anything more than your sense of humor."
Stray Dog
(from the World Harrier Organization Manual)

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